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With twenty-five patents to our portfolio, Intellicheck solutions span industries as diverse as retail and law enforcement. Despite this diversity, every market we serve shares a common trait: the compelling need to know that the identification credentials that any individual they engage with are, in fact, authentic. Equally important, they need to know now—at the moment the engagement begins.

That’s why Intellicheck has developed a full suite of identification authentication solutions that support the unique needs of each industry we serve. Our authentication experts can even customize our solutions to meet your specific needs.

We’ve also designed our technology for today’s mobile world. So it works on smartphones, tablets, or integrated with existing systems. Whichever implementation makes sense for you, our team of experts is there to support you, every step of the way.

Of course, any authentication solution is only effective if it easily accesses the databases where critical information is stored. That’s where Intellicheck really stands out. Our solutions authenticate identification from more than 200 unique barcode formats from every state and Canadian province. Our solutions can also authenticate TWIC and federal personal identity verification (PIV) smart cards, and common access cards (CAC). With proper authorization, we can also connect to other key state and federal databases, as well as custom databases.

We can even help you leverage the data that’s been collected to gain insights that identify predictive indicators and help guide decision-making using customized trend analysis dashboards. Armed with those insights, our customers can increase awareness, safety and compliance throughout their organization.

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Reduce credit card fraud while increasing credit card and loyalty program conversions.
Financial Institutions
Prevent fraud and increase customer satisfaction as you boost productivity and your bottom line.
Enhance your guest experience with instant, accurate registration that reduces fraud.
Increase awareness and security at restricted facilities with instant ID authentication.
Law Enforcement
Enhance officer and citizen safety with instant, accurate ID authentication on a smartphone or tablet.