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Increased officer safety plus faster, more accurate reporting

Every interaction between an officer and an unknown contact has potential risks. Reducing those risks—for both the officer and the individual—is one of law enforcement’s most critical challenges. Intellicheck Law ID® reduces those risks.

With Law ID® an officer can quickly scan an unknown contact’s ID with minimal loss of visual contact. Law ID® instantly authenticates the contact’s identification using a smartphone or tablet. Highlighted, critical fields from DMV and criminal records are also clearly visible at a glance, so the officer can quickly assess whether caution is warranted.

Of course, each significant encounter requires a time-consuming, detailed incident report. That’s where Law ID® increases accuracy while reducing the time it takes to fill out reports by automatically populating standardized forms with information retrieved during the records search.

It all adds up to a safer community, and a more informed and efficient police force.

Why Law ID®?

  • Enhances officer and citizen safety with real-time authentication of scanned identification on a smartphone or tablet
  • Enables officers to quickly view highlighted, critical fields of DMV and criminal records without losing sight of the contact
  • Improves reporting accuracy and efficiency by automatically populating incident report forms with data from retrieved records
  • Increases citizen safety by providing instant situational awareness to the officer that can quickly deescalate a potentially tense encounter
  • Provides the most accurate and up-to-date data by authenticating all U.S. state, Department of Defense and Canadian province barcode formats
  • Offers extended search capabilities via fast integration with other government and custom databases
  • Available as a subscription service or customized solution designed to meet your specific needs
Reduce credit card fraud while increasing credit card and loyalty program conversions.
Financial Institutions
Prevent fraud and increase customer satisfaction as you boost productivity and your bottom line.
Enhance your guest experience with instant, accurate registration that reduces fraud.
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Increase awareness and security at restricted facilities with instant ID authentication.
Law Enforcement
Enhance officer and citizen safety with instant, accurate ID authentication on a smartphone or tablet.
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Police officers face unknown risks every day. LawID® offers a fast, safe, reliable solution to authenticate the identification for every encounter. Law ID® seamlessly integrates with the officer’s mobile phone or tablet for real time, instantaneous access to NCIC, State and DMV databases through barcode scanning.

Upon completion of the search, the information is available to automatically pre-populate your standardized reports with the captured information. LawID® increases officer safety and efficiency.