Solution by Use Case:

Preventing Fraud

The Problem:
Fraudsters Are Looking for Freebies

The intent of fraud is to get something without paying. Fraudsters might use a synthetic identity to create an account, steal a real identity to get account access, or return a product that they didn’t buy – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After fraudulent activity, the damage to your business can include stolen products or money, and a damaged reputation; on the consumer side, they now have to reclaim their identity and rebuild from the damage the fraudsters caused.  

The Solution:
The Intellicheck Portal Plus and Direct Solutions

We know the stakes are high. That’s why we built a platform that works across the most common fraud-prevention use cases. 

Using Portal Plus or Intellicheck Direct, you’ll have the best accuracy on the market. Intellicheck provides industry-leading 99.9% accuracy, so you’ll know if the customer’s identity is real, and be able to make the right decisions to build your business with the best customers. 


Account Access


Account Open / Onboarding


Credit Account Open


Receiptless Return


Offline Receipt of Online Purchase

Product Details

Two-Step Process

Your customers get through the identity process quickly and easily while providing information that effectively identifies fraud. 

step one

Validate the ID

Match the person to the ID with facial biometrics

Simple Set-Up

Enjoy the benefits of Portal Plus in under an hour. Just sign up and you’re ready to start vetting your customers’ identities. With our Direct solution, REST APIs make it easy to add Intellicheck to your processes and interfaces for a unified customer experience.

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Preventing Fraud with Document Authentication

The Situation:
Fraudulent Purchases and Returns

Credit card numbers and personal information are all for sale on the dark web. This has made online fraud much easier. Criminals will use stolen, synthetic, or fake credentials to purchase items, return items they didn’t purchase, and more. Being certain of who you are dealing with is the way out of fraud. Our solutions have helped prevent a wide variety of fraud online and off.

The Solution:
Highly Accurate Identity Validation

Mobile Purchases

Any time a large purchase is made, a text is automatically sent to the customer asking them to validate their license with their mobile device.

In-Person Receipts and Returns

When a customer receives a delivery or returns an item, validate that the right person receives the goods or is making the return. Use Intellicheck to validate their license and be certain.

The Result:
No More Fraud

Our solutions provide your customers with an easy way to authenticate their license and eliminate fraud, all in less than 3 seconds. It’s a smart and effective way to protect your customers and your reputation.

Discover how Intellicheck helps protect you from fraud.