The Most Accurate Identity Platform

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Turn on and use or API- Intellicheck provides the solution you need.

If you are an online business, verification means scanning the ID and taking a selfie on the customer’s mobile device. If you are a retail business, maybe your employee needs a mobile phone or a scanner to verify identity. You may have your own app and systems into which you want to integrate Intellicheck. In all these cases, we have you covered.

The IDN-Portal and Portal Plus require no installation. Simply turn on and use with a mobile device or PC. IDN-Direct lets you use REST APIs to integrate Intellicheck into your process and experience.

Validate the Identity

Validate the Identity

Is it a real or fake identity?

Scan the ID
(Mobile or scanner access – no new equipment required)

Match the Identity

Match the Identity

Is the person on the ID the person presenting it?

Integrated facial match + liveness

See Identity Risk

See Identity Risk

What is the risk score?

Advanced signal detection

Includes device + IP risk assessment

Analyze Data

Analyze the Data

Have I seen this user before?

What are the trends?

Advanced reporting

The Best Identity Validation in Three Flavors


Mobile app-based ID validation.

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Browser and mobile ID validation.

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API-driven identity validation.

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Turn on and use

Intellicheck Mobile for iOS & Android

No integration required

Retail Validation

Online Validation

Facial Matching – Liveness Detection

Global Document Validation

Advanced Analytics

POS Scanner Integration

Full Branding Control

Risk Scoring

Plugable Signals / Data Sources


Mobile SDK

Problems We Solve

Learn more about the benefits of Intellicheck for your business.

Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent fraud before it costs your business.

Know Your Customer

Verify that your customers are who they say they are.

Age Verification

Don’t get fooled by a realistic-looking fake ID. 

The Intellicheck Difference


Intellicheck leads the industry with 99.9% accuracy.


Transactions are processed in under a second at scale.


Security and a great user experience shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.


Be up and running in less than one hour. Sign in and go.

Need More Proof?

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See how Intellicheck can help you prevent fraud, know your customers, age-verify your prospects, and validate IDs.