Effective solutions deter fraud, engage customers and grow revenues

One in ten customers don’t believe their financial institution can protect them from fraud. Incidents including data breaches, fraudulent new account openings, account takeovers and card not present fraud have left consumers reeling and your revenues taking a hit. All this while brick and mortar locations are struggling to stay relevant. How do you do that with tedious delays at the teller and time-consuming processes that frustrate customers.  And what about your mobile and online services? Customers want a frictionless, rapid response and they want to feel secure.

Need answers? No problem. We’ve got you covered with fast, affordable, easy-to-use technology solutions. Our suite of Retail ID® technology solutions are the only proven identity authentication solutions that deliver real-time, accurate authentication of ID credentials such as drivers’ licenses. Our products offer solutions for your teller lines, call centers, mobile apps, integration with your retail business partners, and more.

The bottom line? Whether it’s a customer need for debit and credit card cash advances, new account openings, existing account look ups, card issuance or even check cashing or money order requests, Retail ID®, Retail ID Online®, and Retail ID Mobile® are fast, effective and efficient.

Why Retail ID® Technology Solutions?

  • Powerful fraud prevention with an accuracy rate of 99.9% delivers near instant authentication of identification credentials such as a driver licenses
  • Fast and easy to deploy with simple integration at the teller PC, on mobile devices or online
  • Auto population of key form fields improves customer satisfaction, boosts productivity and eliminates costly data entry errors
  • Compliance with key regulatory requirements from AML and BSA to KYC and the Patriot Act
  • Available as a subscription service or customized solution designed to meet your specific needs

Reduce credit card fraud while increasing credit card and loyalty program conversions.
Financial Institutions
Prevent fraud and increase customer satisfaction as you boost productivity and your bottom line.
Enhance your guest experience with instant, accurate registration that reduces fraud.
Increase awareness and security at restricted facilities with instant ID authentication.
Law Enforcement
Enhance officer and citizen safety with instant, accurate ID authentication on a smartphone or tablet.