Enhance security while managing visitor access with ease

Securing critical infrastructure and facilities has never been more challenging. Threats to our national security from enemies at home and abroad has heightened the state of alert, underscoring the importance of securing critical infrastructure. Accomplishing your mission demands a heightened sense of awareness and potential threat identification. Every visitor who seeks access to a high-value facility represents a potential risk.

Defense ID® reduces that risk and increases security awareness by authenticating the ID of visitors, vendors and staff in real-time with a quick ID scan. Because Defense ID® works with hand-held mobile devices, security personnel can continually maintain visual contact with the individual while authenticating their ID.  The intuitive display highlights critical fields providing clear visual cues that instantly alert to potential threats and risks. The system can query many official Defense Department, law enforcement, and other critical data sources including DMV, state and FBI records. Intellicheck’s engineering staff ensures the data is always current.

Defense ID® also makes it possible for facilities to quickly issue customized, rules-based access credentials that can limit the times, locations and access, based upon threat condition policies. If threat levels rise or visit requirements change, access can be changed or revoked immediately. That makes managing visitor access more effective, more efficient, and more secure.

Why Defense ID®?

  • Increases facility security and safety with real-time authentication of visitor, vendor and staff IDs without losing contact with the individual seeking access.
  • Works with mobile devices, delivering key features that allow security personnel to quickly view highlighted, critical fields from authoritative data sources that include DMV, state and FBI records with ongoing updates to ensure accuracy.
  • Advanced Visitor Center application allows for online visit requests, approval, vetting, and real-time law enforcement checks.
  • Enables rules-based customization that allows visitor restricted access, limiting visitors to specific areas, at specific times and the ability to make immediate access changes as needed. Integrates with custom databases to quickly extend authentication capabilities.
  • State-of-the-art technology solution gives you access to Intellicheck’s proprietary Person of Interest (POI) database, which has been an industry standard for many years.
  • Available as a subscription service or customized solution designed to meet your specific needs.

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Reduce credit card fraud while increasing credit card and loyalty program conversions.
Financial Institutions
Prevent fraud and increase customer satisfaction as you boost productivity and your bottom line.
Enhance your guest experience with instant, accurate registration that reduces fraud.
Increase awareness and security at restricted facilities with instant ID authentication.
Law Enforcement
Enhance officer and citizen safety with instant, accurate ID authentication on a smartphone or tablet.

Nowadays, securing critical infrastructure and facilities can be considered really challenging, especially after various organizations started to threaten national security. Therefore, additional security measures are required, to ensure safety.

The Intellicheck Defense ID reduces risk while increasing the awareness of security personnel, thanks to its ability to instantly authenticate visitors, vendors and staff, in real-time, using a quick ID scan. Defense ID is mobile enabled on your smartphone or tablet so security personnel can constantly maintain visual contact while authenticating identification.

Thanks to its intuitive display, critical fields providing clear visual cues regarding potential threatens and risks. Defense ID also can query several official Defense Department or law enforcement databases.