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Put a halt to
retail fraud today.


Put a halt to
retail fraud today.


Protecting you and your customers.

Each year, customers and retailers are affected by criminals who steal information and use it to fraudulently purchase items or make returns. Our solutions help eliminate these issues, saving you and your customers money and heartache. See how our solutions easily integrate into your process to help catch fraud over 99% of the time.

Case Studies:

  • The problem:

    All of our major retail clients tell us the same thing—their customers shop four times as often and spend about 83% more when using a branded credit card. So we provided our clients with a frictionless solution that sped up their authentication process to safely onboard new customers.

    How we helped:

    Easy scanning

    Retailers can easily scan an applicant’s driver’s license to authenticate it.

    Auto-populated applications

    Once authenticated, the application is automatically populated with the applicant’s information—a quick and easy process for both the retailer and customer.

    The result:

    it comes to fraud in the retail space, 69% of customers blame the retailer if their identity is stolen and will often avoid the brand as a result. Our solutions eliminate over 99% of fraud, helping you protect your business and save money.

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  • The problem:

    Credit card numbers, personal information and credit history are all for sale at shockingly cheap prices on the dark web, which has caused the popularity of online fraud to skyrocket. Criminals simply make a large purchase online using stolen information, and then walk into the store to pick it up without confirming their identity. Our solutions helped prevent this type of theft in two ways to better protect our customers from fraud.

    How we helped:

    Automatic remote authentication

    Any time a large purchase over a certain amount is made, a text is automatically sent to the customer asking them to authenticate their license over the phone.

    Point of pickup authentication

    Every time an item is picked up in the store, customers must scan their license to confirm they are the person who bought the item.

    The result:

    Our solutions provide your customers with an easy way to authenticate their license and eliminate fraud, all in less than 3 seconds. It’s a smart and effective way to protect your customers and your reputation.

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  • The problem:

    The ability to make returns without a receipt is an amazing benefit to consumers that can help draw them to your brand. However, retailers lose over $9 billion each year to organized crime from these types of returns. Our solutions help put an end to this fraud with solutions that work seamlessly alongside our client’s current setup.

    How we helped:

    Point of sale authentication

    When a return is made, retailers can easily scan the customer’s driver’s license directly on their point of sale system.

    Serial-return tracking

    Once the license is authenticated, the customer’s return information is automatically populated to the retailers systems to help track serial returners.

    The result:

    With a simple addition to your point of sale system, you can stop a massive drain on your revenues every year.

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The Intellicheck Solution

Fast, accurate results for increased customer satisfaction.

With Intellicheck’s ID Authentication and Optical Character Recognition Software, authentication is as easy as scanning the barcode on your customer’s valid form of ID using a mobile device or the existing point-of-sale (POS) system. Our software quickly validates that the ID is a registered form of identification with over 99% accuracy by scanning the barcode to ensure it’s real and then cross references that encoded information with the information and photo printed on the front. It’s a simple yet important solution that keeps your business protected from fraud and helps you verify the age of your customers.

Our solutions can also automatically and accurately populate standardized form fields on mobile or POS devices using the data retrieved in the ID scan. This special feature helps deliver a quicker, easier and smoother experience to customers when doing anything from signing up for branded credit cards and loyalty programs to opening new accounts.

Intellicheck’s ID authentication software integrates seamlessly into your workflow and helps you create a safer, simpler, and more efficient workplace.


Dramatically slashes

Verify all valid forms of ID with over 99% accuracy.


Fast and
easy to

Use with your current POS system or mobile device.


Patented Regulatory Compliance solutions

Feel confident using a patented solution you can trust.



Increase the speed with which you can verify IDs to finish your processes quicker.