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Complying with regulations and protecting against fraud.

Identity Validation

White Paper
Running an effective and complete identity validation program.

Case Studies:

Dark Horse Intelligence Case Study

Dark Horse Intelligence

Case Study
Intellicheck’s ID Validation Solution Enables Dark Horse Intelligence to Help More Victims of Fraud

Frictionless ID Validation for Call Centers

Case Study
How one of the largest credit card issuers in the U.S. used Intellicheck to stop fraud at their call centers.


Intellicheck Mobile Demo

This 48 seconds demo shows how the Intellicheck Mobile app can validate identities in under a second.

intellicheck validating identities

What We Do

See why Intellicheck is the best first step in validating identities.


See how Intellicheck can help you prevent fraud, know your customers, age-verify your prospects, and validate IDs.