Enjoy our roundup of stories that piqued our interest this week.

This week we tackle the following:

  • Lifelock Identity Theft Protection Had a Data Breach   - Unfortunately no company is immune to identity theft and data breaches. Companies that sell protection might be difficult to crack but could also be the most targeted.
  • Canada is Inventing Cannabis Beer - As marijuana continues to be decriminalized across country, our friends to the north are finding more inventive ways to incorporate the ingredient into more products.   
  • The Summer Brings Large Events to Hartford  - Hartford Jazz Festival and a Chris Brown concert requires proper planning to  manage crowd control and underage drinking.
  • Did You Know You Can Freeze Your Credit? - There is one identity theft victim in the U.S. every two seconds according to the Michigan Attorney General’s office. Explore how you can protect yourself. 

Retail ID

Engadget reports on how LifeLock's identity theft protection service suffered from a security flaw that put users' identities in jeopardy. Hackers are obviously getting more brazen in their targets. This is a lesson to everyone to stay diligent whether you subscribe to a theft protection service or not

LifeLock ID theft protection leak could have aided identity thieves

Age ID

We are keeping an eye on cannabis related things in Canada because it is only a matter of time that these products make their way onto our shelves. Canada has legalized recreational marijuana nationwide and it will be interesting to see how they are able to keep these products out of the hands of minors.

​​Canada Is Inventing a Cannabis Beer That Hits You Harder Than an Edible

Age ID

Summer concert seasons bring the potential for underage drinking especially events targeted to a younger audience. Age ID provides law enforcement with a simple age authentication app on their smartphone to better manage the situation and maintain crowd safety.

​​Hartford Police prepare for large events in city

Retail ID

Jennifer Profitt explains how you can freeze your credit for free in Michigan. When you freeze your credit, no one can access your credit and open up a card or account in your name. As of late-June, all credit freezes are free in Michigan. Freezing will be free for consumers in every state this September. 

​​Profitt Report: Worried about ID theft? You can freeze your credit for free