Enjoy our roundup of stories that piqued our interest this week.

This week we tackle the following:

  • State police warn of Verizon phone scam - Person claiming to be from Verizon said the network was switching from 4G to 5G.
  • Maine to make ID checking app available at alcohol sellers- Free use of Age ID by some alcohol sellers who've faced citations for selling alcohol to minors.
  • Kentucky teens say E-cig use rampant, adults unaware -  “My parents don’t know anything about them.”
  • Federal rules protecting your identity could soon change - The FTC is looking at the Red Flags Rule and the Card Issuers Rule.

Retail ID

Division spokesman Sgt. Richard Bratz said the caller claimed, in order to avoid issues with service, an account reset is needed. The victim received a password reset email and provided the confirmation code to the caller to reset the account. The caller then instructed the victim to turn off the cell phone to complete the account reset and network update. The victim turned the cell phone on and moments later received another email from Verizon confirming his order for an Apple iPad tablet. The order was made in the victim’s name and was set to be shipped.

VIDEO with Police hotline info.

State police warn of Verizon phone scam

Age ID 

Maine restaurants, bars and clubs will soon get help verifying IDs, including high quality fakes.

Maine Public reports the State Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations will make an app called Age ID available to 150 on-premises licensees.

Age ID can also figure out whether an ID is being passed around a group of people, or otherwise being used improperly.

Maine to make ID checking app available at alcohol sellers

Age ID

“In 2018, you cannot talk about health and kids without talking about e-cigs. The youth voices we heard as part of the Foundation’s work and attendant research are clear. E-cig use is rampant; it is unregulated. And unless we as a Commonwealth treat e-cigs as the health threat it is – in terms of now and in the future – then in 2038, Kentucky will still be the cancer capital of the nation,” said Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates. “Purveyors of e-cigs know exactly what they are doing in offering a gateway product to tobacco use and we need to call them on it. Kentucky’s kids need our elected leaders – from county courthouses to Frankfort – to act on their behalf. Those decisions around regulating e-cigs for young people will impact kids today and long into their futures.”

Kentucky teens say E-cig use rampant, adults unaware

Age ID

The Red Flag Rule requires banks, financial institutions, and some creditors to implement a written identity theft prevention program designed to detect red flags of identity theft, take steps to prevent it, and mitigate any damage caused by an identity being stolen.

The Card Issuers Rule requires that debit or credit card issuers implement policies and procedures to assess the validity of any change of address requests if the issuer also receives a request for an additional or replacement card for the same account.

​Federal rules protecting your identity could soon change