Enjoy our roundup of stories that piqued our interest this week.

This week we tackle the following:

  • D&D Daily & the LPNewsNetwork Interviews Bryan Lewis - VIDEO: Stopping Fraud Before It Starts.
  • Fairfield University Adopts Age ID - This will be a comfort to parents sending their kids off to college and a boost to Fairfield.
  • Number Of High Schoolers Vaping In Connecticut Doubles In Two Years - One in five high school seniors report vaping.
  • What does E-cigarette maker JUUL do when under pressure? - Lobby the government of course.

Retail ID

Don’t miss Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis explaining how the company’s high technology apps are tackling retail’s most challenging and costly fraud issues online, mobile and at the point of sale with D&D Daily’s Loss Prevention News Network 

Bryan Lewis, President & CEO, Intellicheck
Gus Downing, Publisher & Editor, The D&D Daily and LPNN
Filmed LIVE in Dallas, TX at NRF Protect on 6.12.18.

Age ID

Fairfield University is building on its commitment to campus safety with the adoption of Intellicheck’s Age ID. Here’s how campus public safety officers are increasing safety at on and off campus events and key campus locations.

As underage drinking and fraternity incidents continue to be highlighted nationally, we expect more universities to give Age ID a look.

Fairfield University Adopts Age ID

Age ID

Vaping is on the rise for high school students as health professionals warn of the dangers of the latest trend in nicotine consumption.

The state Department of Public Health reported the number of high schoolers using electronic nicotine delivery systems, known as vaporizers or “vapes,” has doubled since 2015. Now, one in five high school seniors report vaping.

“These results are especially troubling because youth are generally unaware of the presence and level of nicotine in their devices and can become addicted with only a few puffs,” DPH Commissioner Dr. Raul Pino said in a written statement. “Although the cigarette smoking rate continues to decline among this age group, vaping continues to increase. Based on misleading claims about e-cigarettes, many teens believe they are trying a ‘safe’ product.”

Number Of High Schoolers Vaping In Connecticut Doubles In Two Years

Age ID

E-cigarette maker Juul is ramping up its Washington lobbying operation as it tries to head off potential regulatory threats from the Trump administration and Congress.

The company has been under scrutiny from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators and lawmakers from both parties amid a massive surge in popularity for its products among teens.

Juul boosts lobbying amid FDA scrutiny