Enjoy our roundup of stories that piqued our interest this week.

This week we tackle the following:

  • Back to School - We know it is only July but Back to School shopping is upon us and retailers are expecting consumers to set a 7-year spending high. While these numbers look good, we’ll be watching for another big jump because increased sales means a greater risk of transactional fraud for consumers and retailers alike.
  • Teenage Vaping - Illegal use of e-cigarettes and other vape products continues to rise. If you sell these products, chances are that you inadvertently sold products to minors. Learn about the Ohio Public Health Database study and contact us about Age ID.
  • Child Identity Theft - We wish we could say we were shocked by the disturbing news that over 1 million kids were victims of ID theft. After you watch NBC’s coverage of the 2018 Child Identity Fraud Study, you’ll understand why the fraud prevention we offer is so important for retailers and financial institutions.
  • Combat Underage Drinking - Who better to explain the dangers of underage drinking than our very own Bryan Lewis. Listen to his chat with KELO in Sioux Falls, SD.

Retail ID

Back-to-school sales are already underway and the retail industry is expected to see the best season in seven years. Research firm Customer Growth Partners’ 16th annual BTS Forecast details why consumers are opening their wallets and sector by sector growth forecasts.

Forecast: Back-to-school sales to hit seven year high

Age ID

The number of teens in Cuyahoga County, Ohio who said they had vaped in the past 30 days tripled between 9th and 12th grade according to 2016-2017 school year surveys by the Ohio Public Health Database. Vaping will continue to make headlines in communities across the country as usage continues to increase at an alarming rate. The answer to this troubling health problem is to prevent underage access. We have the solution! Age ID. 

Teens who vape: Underage e-cigarette use heats up​​​

Retail ID

More than 1 million children in the U.S. were identity theft victims last year, resulting in $2.67 billion in losses. We stop fraud before it starts. Here’s the difference between just scanning and authenticating.

More than 1 million children were victims of ID theft last year​​​

Age ID

Memorial Day marked the beginning of the 100 deadliest days for #teendrivers. With the approaching July 4th holiday and the kickoff of the summer vacation season, there’s heightened concerned about underage drinking. KWSN talked to Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis about underage drinking and the importance of catching fake IDs to restrict underage access to alcohol. 

LISTEN: Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis speaks on combating underage drinking​​​