Solution by Industry: Government / Law Enforcement

Catch Fake IDs in Seconds

Reduce Underage Activity and Identity Fraud

Intellicheck has a long track record of working with law enforcement to reduce underage drinking, smoking/vaping and cannabis purchases. Good fakes can’t be detected with the naked eye. That is why the Intellicheck mobile app provides fast results without having to go back to your vehicle, make a phone call or use the radio.

Law enforcement can confidently validate an identity on the go. 


Identity Verification / Age Checking

Intellicheck provides highly accurate and fast results through its mobile app so without having to go back to the squad car to use the radio.
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Increasing the Efficiency of Law Enforcement

The Situation:
State Liquor Authority

One law enforcement agency contacted us because they wanted to check bars and nightclubs for compliance without using a laptop or making a call to the DMV. They wanted a solution that worked everywhere.

The Solution:
Mobile ID Verification with Intellicheck Portal

Law Enforcement can’t take chances. Before the department deployed our solution in the field, they ran 1,000 fakes against the system. Intellicheck caught them all. Officers were given mobile phones equipped with our mobile ID application, so they could find fakes away from their squad cars.

The Result:
Increased Officer Efficiency

Officers could check IDs without a phone call in a noisy bar or without having to go back to their squad car. Dispatch was freed to handle more urgent matters and officers were able to do their jobs more efficiently. All thanks to an app on the officers’ smart phones.

See how Intellicheck can help you prevent fraud, know your customers, age-verify your prospects, and validate IDs.