Solution by Industry: Gaming

Stop Fraud at the Door

Prevent Underage Gaming

People with stolen or fake IDs are taking advantage of the gaming industry. Some  people look to game when they are not the right age, while others steal or create fake IDs in order to take advantage of payment methods stored online and to steal valuable online items or gear. 

With more than 99% accurate ID validation, Intellicheck helps you keep customers playing while stopping the underaged and fraudsters.


Understand if the ID is Real

Our software can tell if the ID is real 99.9% of the time. At that level of accuracy, you can assure that only approved gamers are granted access.


No New Equipment Needed

Use your existing systems and devices to seamlessly turn up the security on your gaming platform. Intellicheck uses existing iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as browsers on standard computers to conduct the identity validation process in under a second. 


Stop Fraud Online

Use our developer-friendly API to add identity validation into your existing processes. 

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Preventing Fraud in Gaming

The Situation:
Account Takeover and Chargeback Fraud

The gaming industry has long been a target of fraud. As online gaming grows, the fraud it sees is growing too. Fraudsters always keep an eye out for systems they can beat. Realistic fake IDs, fake identities and low accuracy identity checking systems have brought fraudsters a lot of earnings. One of customers came to us to see if they could up their identity game and stop the onslaught of fraudsters.

The Solution:
Highly Accurate Identity Validation

Onboarding Identity Verification

Intellicheck Direct allows gaming companies to build fast and accurate identity checking directly into their apps. Gamers can validate their IDs online to set up an account in under a second through an easy to use mobile process. Built in facial biometrics ensure that there is an authorized user behind the ID that was presented.

Account Takeover Protection

Intellicheck lets you require an ID for account access when you determine that they are showing unusual activity related to account take over.

In-Person or Online

Intellicheck works online and at retail allowing our customer to use one solution across the different parts of their business.

The Result:
No More Fake IDs Allowed In

We’ve helped casinos and gaming establishments stop fraudsters with our 99.9% accurate identity validation solutions.

See how Intellicheck can help you prevent fraud, know your customers, age-verify your prospects, and validate IDs.