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Protect Your Business and Your Customers From Fraud

Fraudulent Transactions Can be Prevented

Each year, customers and retailers are affected by criminals who use fake or stolen identities to purchase or return items. 

With more than 99% accurate ID validation, Intellicheck helps you eliminate fraudulent purchases and returns and ensure a positive customer experience.

Fraud is Growing. Are You Prepared?

Fraudulent activity is expanding both online and in-person. Regardless of where your customers are, you need a quick and reliable way to verify their identities. Inaccuracies lead to fraud, but slow ID verification processes can lead to cart abandonment and poor customer experiences. 

Age Verification Designed for Commerce

Intellicheck identification verification solutions are fast and accurate, so you can continue delivering exceptional customer experiences online or off while being confident you’ll identify any fraudulent behaviors that could otherwise cost your business. 

Verify IDs Online or In-App

Intellicheck’s identity verification works well online or off. Our one-step validation process tells you in under a second whether an ID is real. For online transactions, seamlessly add a facial biometric step to ensure that the person with the ID is the person on the ID.

Verify IDs In-Store

Know if an ID is real within seconds by scanning it with your existing mobile device, scanning hardware, or POS system. 

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Preventing Identity Fraud

The Situation:
Criminals Make Large Purchases Online Using Stolen Information

Credit card numbers, personal information, and credit history are all for sale at shockingly cheap prices on the dark web, which has caused the popularity of online fraud to skyrocket. Criminals simply make a large purchase online using stolen information and then walk into the store to pick it up without confirming their identity. Our solutions helped prevent this type of theft in two ways to better protect our customers from fraud. 

The Solution:
Identity Validation, Retail and Mobile Verification Capabilities

Automatic Remote Validation

Any time a large purchase over a specific amount is made, a text is automatically sent to the customer asking them to validate their identification with their mobile device. 

Pickup Confirmation

Every time an item is picked up in-store, or an item is delivered, customers must scan their ID to confirm they are the individual who purchased the item. 

The Result:
Identify Fraud Stopped

Intellicheck allows fast and easy identity validation and an efficient way to eliminate fraud, all in under a second. 

See how Intellicheck can help you prevent fraud, know your customers, age-verify your prospects, and validate IDs.