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Stop Automotive Fraud Quickly and Easily

Single-Scan ID Verification

Verify IDs in seconds with one scan from your mobile device. Use before a test drive, for a rental reservation, or a credit application. 

With more than 99% accurate ID validation, Intellicheck helps you ensure the legitimacy of your customers and prevent the serious business consequences that can come with fraudulent activities. 

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Using an Outdated ID Verification System?

Although the sophistication of fake IDs has increased dramatically, many dealerships and vehicle rental companies only photocopy an ID, meaning there is no verification of ID legitimacy before handing the keys to a stranger. 

Identity Validation Solutions For Your Dealership

The Intellicheck Portal, Portal Plus, and Direct solutions provide mobile and browser access, allowing you to determine in mere seconds if an ID is fake or legit. With Intellicheck, you stop bad actors to avoid fraudulent credit applications and test drive losses.

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Providing Fast & Accurate ID Verification for Dealerships

The Situation:
Customers Stole Vehicles During Test Drives

Two dealerships contacted us after losing vehicles to test drives. They had photocopies of the IDs, but police later told them the IDs were fake. They came to us these loses in the future.

The Solution:
Intellicheck Portal

Using Intellicheck Portal, the client was able to equip their staff with our mobile app—easily downloadable to any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet—to validate customers’ IDs. The process was fast and easy for customers and didn’t require any new hardware for the dealership.

The Result:
More Fraud Stopped Than Expected

Originally, the dealership said they wanted to stop 5-6 fakes a year, but, after using Intellicheck they found that they were seeing many more fake IDs than they expected: as many as five in a single week.

Now they catch fake IDs before ever handing over the keys.

See how Intellicheck can help you prevent fraud, know your customers, age-verify your prospects, and validate IDs.