Solution by Use Case:

Age Verification

The Problem:
Fake IDs Can Look Highly Realistic

There is often a disconnect between when someone wants something and when the law allows them to get it. This is the world of Age Verified products, which includes those containing alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine. Compliance means only accepting business from people who meet the state or province’s age requirements. However, fake identification is so accurate in appearance that checking IDs using the human eye is no longer effective. The consequences of non-compliance are significant fines or interruptions to business.

The Solution:
The Intellicheck Portal and Portal Plus

Make age verification easy. Using Portal or Portal Plus, you’ll have the best accuracy on the market. Intellicheck delivers industry-leading 99.9% accuracy, so you’ll know if the customer’s ID is real, and you’ll be able to make the right decisions for optimal compliance.

Right Age to Buy


Receive Delivery


Purchase Velocity

Product Details

Two-Step Process

Age verify customers in seconds using your existing mobile device, tablet, or scanner. Sub-second results tell you if an ID is real without interrupting your customer experience.
step one

Validate the ID

Match the person to the ID with facial biometrics

Simple Set-Up

Be up and running with Portal or Portal Plus in under an hour. Use a mobile device to scan IDs or trade-up to Portal Plus to use your existing retail scanners.

Law Enforcement Approved

More than 60 law enforcement agencies recommend Intellicheck. With that kind of validation, you know you have the best solution. Partner
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Simplifying Fake ID Detection

The Situation:
IDs Are Too Realistic for Naked-Eye Detection

Our client was having a hard time distinguishing real IDs from fakes at their concert concession stands. The fake IDs were too realistic to detect with the naked eye. As a result the concessions staff was unintentionally serving alcohol to minors.

The Solution:
Intellicheck Portal

Using Intellicheck Portal, our client was able to outfit their concession stands with our mobile app – easily downloadable to a smartphone or tablet – to validate customers’ IDs on the fly and easily identify fakes. The application was fast and easy for customers and didn’t require any new hardware.

The Result:
Validation by the Thousands

On just the first day of a three-day music festival, our client was able to confiscate more than 2,500 fake IDs using the Intellicheck Portal solution. 

Discover how Intellicheck can help you with age verification.