Age Validation In the Palm of Your Hand

If you check IDs for a purchase, test drive, or loan application, then you know that today’s fakes are good. If you are checking IDs by having your employees visually inspect them, then you may not know that most of today’s fakes can easily pass a visual inspection. In other words, you won’t know they are fake until it’s too late. 

Intellicheck’s new mobile app lets you take the most accurate identity validation system with you, where you need it. Validate ID documents before serving a drink, before letting a customer take a car out for a test drive, or before accepting a credit application. 

Feature Highlights

  • Validate an ID with your mobile device– 
    • Use your iOS or Android mobile device to see if the ID is real or fake. No training is needed and we return results in under a second with 99.9% accuracy.
  • Review validation history
    • When you need to prove that you’ve validated IDs to police or to your boss, open the history and show them. 
  • Set up a group or an alert
    • Sometimes you may have a customer who may not take no for an answer. At an event, they may go from one stand to the next to find someone to give them the drink they want. Groups allow you to track that activity and stop people that you’ve decided not to serve.
    • Be alerted if an ID’s address doesn’t match the state, if the ID has expired, and more.

Intellicheck’s mobile app offers all the above and a lot more in the palm of your hand.

What Our Mobile App Can Do For You

  • Accurate results – At 99.9% accuracy, you know with certainty if it is real or fake. This means no fraudsters and more accurate compliance
  • No waiting – Intellicheck will tell you whether an ID is real or fake in under a second.
  • No training  – Hold the ID, press the on-screen button, and see the results. No special equipment or training is required.

See for Yourself

If you’re an Intellicheck customer looking to upgrade or looking for a better way to stop fraud or comply, get in touch with us here. We’ll make it easier than ever for you to understand whether you should trust your customer.

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