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Age-restricted solutions that
protect you from fake IDs


Age-restricted solutions
that protect you from

fake IDs


Built for businesses who serve alcohol, nicotine or cannabis products.

As cities crack down on underage drinking, many businesses are left with the challenge of identifying and confiscating fake IDs to protect themselves from facing penalties. Our solution, which has been tested, proven, and used by law enforcement officers, makes it quick and easy for businesses, concert venues and restaurants to authenticate IDs and successfully identify minors. Intellicheck is a simple solution designed to help owners create a safer situation for their business and their customers.

Case studies:

  • The problem:

    Our client was having a hard time distinguishing real ID’s from fakes at their concert concession stands. The fake IDs were too realistic to detect with the naked eye, and as a result the concessions staff was unintentionally serving alcohol to minors. 

    How we helped: Document Authentication | Mobile

    Mobile age ID authentication

    The promoter outfitted their concession stands with our mobile app - easily downloaded to a smartphone or tablet - to authenticate customers’ IDs on the fly to easily identify fakes.

    The result:

    On the first day of a 3-day music festival they confiscated over 2,500 fake IDs

  • The problem:

    Our client’s store is surrounded by multiple universities in a city that is laser focused on stopping the sale of alcohol to minors. To better detect fake IDs and protect their business from closure, our client integrated intellicheck’s solutions into their store and confiscated hundreds of IDs in the first month. As the word spread, many underage customers stopped trying to purchase from our client all together, knowing they would lose their ID if they tried.

    How we helped: Document Authentication | Mobile

    Age ID authentication

    Retailers can implement this feature into their point of sale routine to authenticate IDs and easily identify fakes.

    The result:

    When you are getting pressured to stop minors from purchasing alcohol in order to protect your business, our authentication solutions are a simple addition that can help you crack down on the use of fake IDs.

  • The problem:

    Theme parks have a lot of underage visitors. They also have a lot of alcohol sales. In addition, they have visitors from all over the country. As much as they tried training staff to visually inspect a license to detect a fake, they are just too good, and besides, who really knows what a license from the state next door looks like?

    How we helped: Document Authentication | POS | Mobile

    Mobile age ID authentication

    The theme park put mobile devices at every location alcohol was sold and downloaded the Intellicheck app.

    Fake ID detection

    All purchases of alcohol require a license scan – an instantly detected fakes being used by underage drinkers

    The result:

    No need to worry about visual inspection training anymore, technology solved the problem.

Discover how we can help your business

The Intellicheck Solution

Protecting your liquor license with 99% accuracy.

Regardless of if you are in a concert hall, liquor store, theme park, festival, or event venue that requires age-verification for alcohol purchases, you need to have confidence when serving your customers.

Intellicheck easily integrates with mobile or POS devices to give you the peace of mind that your customer is of age while keeping your operation running smoothly.

How it works

Simply scan the back of your customer’s ID with a mobile device, scanner, or POS system.

Our software quickly validates the ID document and your customer with over 99% accuracy.