Enhance security while managing visitor access with ease

Securing restricted facilities demands a heightened sense of awareness, and a focused, deliberate strategy. Every visitor who seeks access to a secure facility could represent a risk.

Defense ID™ reduces that risk and increases the awareness of security personnel by instantly authenticating the identification of visitors, vendors and staff with a quick barcode scan. Because Defense ID works with hand-held devices, security personnel can continually maintain visual contact with the individual while authenticating their ID, and quickly scan highlighted, critical fields so they are aware of any risks.

Defense ID also makes it possible for facilities’ to quickly issue customized, rules-based access credentials that can limit the times and locations where a visitor has access. That makes managing visitor access more effective, more efficient, and ultimately, more secure.

Why Defense ID?

  • Increases facilities’ security and safety by instantly and accurately authenticating the identification of visitors, vendors and staff
  • Works with mobile devices, enabling security personnel to quickly view highlighted, critical fields from DMV and criminal records without losing sight of the individual seeking access
  • Enables rules-based customization that allows visitors restricted access, limiting them to specific areas, at specific times
  • Delivers accurate and up-to-date identification authentication by reading more than 200 unique DMV barcode formats from every state and Canadian province, with ongoing updates to ensure all data is current
  • Integrates with custom databases to quickly extend authentication capabilities
  • Available as a subscription service or customized solution designed to meet your specific needs

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Increase awareness and security at restricted facilities with instant ID authentication.


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