A new level of officer safety, accuracy and productivity

Whenever an officer makes contact with an unknown individual, the safety of both the officer and the individual is of paramount concern. Intellicheck’s law enforcement solutions reduce the risks that come with these encounters by instantly and accurately authenticating an individual’s identification credentials such as a driver license using a smartphone or tablet to scan the barcode.

Because critical data fields are clearly highlighted an officer can quickly view the information returned from DMV and criminal records on their mobile device. That means minimal loss of visual contact during the ID search, without the need to return to their vehicle.

Intellicheck’s law enforcement solutions also reduce an officer’s time spent filling out reports—while increasing the accuracy of those reports—by automatically populating form fields with the data retrieved during the ID search.

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Reduce credit card fraud while increasing credit card and loyalty program conversions.

Retail ID Online
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Enhance your guest experience with instant, accurate registration that reduces fraud.



Increase awareness and security at restricted facilities with instant ID authentication.


Law Enforcement

Enhance officer and citizen safety with instant, accurate ID authentication on a smartphone or tablet.

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